College Mission & Vision

We take pride in turning your dreams into success

College Mission & Vision

Kishwaukee College serves students of the Northern Illinois region. Kish is located approximately 60 miles from the heart of Chicago and a five-minute drive from our partner in education, Northern Illinois University.


Kishwaukee College improves lives through quality, affordable education.


Kishwaukee College will be a leader in providing innovative education in the local community.


Learner Focused

Cultivate an environment that encourages life-long learning.


Provide an education to our students with a focus on excellence and continuous improvement.


Strive to build positive and trusting relationships through thoughtful communication and teamwork.


Support an environment of transparency, fairness and straightforwardness.


Adhere to a high standard of institutional ethics.


Support and embrace a diverse campus community.


Provide varied and accessible educational opportunities to meet changing learner needs.

Service to Community

Promote involvement through leadership, collaborative partnerships and volunteerism.

Strategic Thinking

Take calculated, data-driven risks and act with a sense of urgency to meet community needs.

At Kishwaukee College, we will be a leader in providing innovative education in the local community.

Beyond offering academic and career oriented courses, programs and services, Kishwaukee College is an integral part of our community at large.


Kishwaukee College first opened its doors in 1968, offering educational opportunities to students in DeKalb, Sycamore, Rochelle and the many small communities that surround them. 

We are excited about the future of Kishwaukee College and hope you’ll join us to play an integral role in helping us get there.

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