College Annual Goals

College Annual Goals for 2020-2021

The annual goals are based on the the five College strategic initiatives as identified in the College Strategic Plan.  Goals are developed and reviewed annually, based on stakeholder input and feedback, student success data, and emerging trends in higher education.

1. Student Success: Provide programs and services to foster student achievement.

  1. Increase the 3-year program completion rate by new student cohort for First time/full-time Black/African American Students from 11.9% to 13.0% (2% below NCCBP). Continue to participate in activities of ILEA and Equity Academy with Aspen Institute
  2. Increase the number of courses offered in an 8 week or less format by 10%
  3. Develop online new-student orientation and introduction to online learning video
  4. New and redesigned programs & offerings
    • Cyber Security
    • Competency based ECE- in progress
    • Horticulture/AGR/ Landscape redesign
    • Manufacturing redesign
    • Certified Medical Assistant, including accreditation
    • Cannabis Certificate
  5. Reduce the cost of textbooks for students by:
    • Increasing the number of courses using Open Educational Resources and Inclusive Access by 10%, from 54 to 59. 
  6. Increase course completer success in core areas for fall term to 2% below the National Community College Benchmark
    • College Composition II- from 74.8% to 80.6%
    • College Algebra- from 70.3% to 75.8%
  7. Increase Math and English remediation & college success for fall term to 2% below the National Community College Benchmark
    • Remedial English completer success- from 68.3% to 75.6%
    • First College English completer success- from 74.7% to 80.7%
  8. Increase online completer success rate for fall term (No AE or Developmental) from 78.4% to 79.2%
  9. Increase radiology graduates licensure pass rates from 77% to 85%

2. External Partnerships: Partner with stakeholders to meet community needs.

  1. Strengthen relationships with business members on advisory committees
  2. Develop plan to assist student with job placement after graduation
  3. Develop a plan for connecting the Foundation and Advisory Committee Members
  4. Develop a nursing pathway and planning guide for direct program entry from high school

3. Valuing Employees: Recognize the importance of building and maintaining a positive employee experience.

  1. Increase the number of full-time Hispanic/Latinx employees demographics from 1.4% to 5% of employees
  2. Explore alternative and remote work opportunities for employees
  3. Complete the Employee Handbook
  4. Redesign HR Portal

4. Continuous Improvement: Position the College for the future through thoughtful strategic planning.

  1. Right size organization for anticipated revenue/expenditures for FY22
  2. Automate prospective student recruitment processes
  3. Develop and implement new website
    • Explore College mobile App (after new website launched)
  4. Provide emergency preparedness training for all College faculty and staff
  5. Implement new Title IX Regulations

5. Resource Management: Optimize the fiscal, physical, technological and knowledge management resources.

  1. Examine campus utilization
  2. Implement HR technology plan:
    • Electronic leave approval for KCSS
    • Electronic timesheets
  3. Complete construction projects of locker rooms, IT, E-Sports facility, Early Learning Center, and Sewer project
  4. Examine credit card options to maximize return on expenditures
  5. Implement DocuSign