Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is charged with establishing policy for the financing, governance, operation, and administration of Kishwaukee College. The Board of Trustees  is comprised of seven elected officials, each elected for a six-year term, and one non-voting student trustee, who serves a one-year term. Trustees legislate by majority rule through formal passage of policies, resolutions and motions. Community College District 523 is one of 39 community college districts in the Illinois Community College System.

Board Members

Robert B. Johnson, Chair
Linda Mason

Dr. Robert Hammon, Vice Chair

Kathleen Spears

Kathleen Spears, Secretary

Bobbi Burke

Dr. Roberta (Bobbi) Burke

  • Term: 2015-2021
  • Initial Year on the Board: 2014
  • Residence: Rochelle, IL
  • Occupation: Travel Coordinator
Ken Doubler

Ken Doubler

  • Term: 2015-2021
  • Initial Year on the Board: 2013
  • Residence: DeKalb, IL
  • Occupation: Marketing & Advertising
Bob Hammon

Linda Mason

Kathy Watkins

Kathleen Watkins

Dakota Montavon, Student Trustee

  • Term: 2020-2021
  • Initial Year on the Board: 2020
  • Residence: DeKalb, IL
  • Occupation: Student


Contact for additional information:
Michelle Ohlinger
Executive Assistant Board Relations & President

The Board of Trustees encourages any individual or organizations to address the Board if their desire is the furtherance of the educational objectives and philosophy of Kishwaukee College.

Find the agendas & minutes of the Board of Trustees meetings.

Find out what the qualifications and requirements are to be a member of the Kishwaukee College Board of Trustees.

 The Policy Manual is intended for the guidance and benefit of all the citizens, students, employees, officials, and elected and appointed officials of the College.