2 Degrees in 3 Years

2 Degrees in 3 Years

2 Degrees in 3 Years is a unique program demonstrating how students can earn an associate degree and bachelor’s degree in only 3 years after high school. By optimizing your coursework in your junior and senior years in high school, you can put yourself on a path to complete your undergraduate education in record time.

We also work closely with Northern Illinois University to ensure your associate degree transfers and your credits count toward your bachelor’s degree.

Why 2 Degrees in 3 Years?

High school students who earn college credit while still in high school can benefit from a number of different advantages:

  • Lessen your time to degree completion by maximizing your high school years. 
  • Experience college work while in high school. Recent findings from the American Institute for Research indicate that high school students who take college courses while in high school are more likely to earn a college degree. 
  • Explore college courses, helping you to choose a college major before graduating from high school. 
  • Enter your profession and start earning money quickly by completing your education sooner.
  • Save over $46,000* while earning your associate and bachelor’s degrees.

The Dollars & Sense

Transfer Pathways

Through strategic planning, students can graduate from high school, attend Kish and transfer to Northern Illinois University or any other 4-year institution to complete their bachelor’s degree within three years of high school. 

Interested in transferring to NIU after Kish? We’ve worked closely to ensure your associate degree transfers and your credits count towards your bachelor’s degree.

As a fully accredited college, Kish associate degree credits transfer to many 4-year institutions across the country. Our dedicated staff of academic advisors can help you start planning your unique transfer path.

Scholarship Opportunities 

Many scholarship opportunities are available to help support your education.

Kish scholarships include Dual Credit, Academic Achievement and Foundation scholarships. Through NIU’s AIM HIGH Scholarship, you may be eligible for a one-time $3000 Kishwaukee College Transfer Scholarship. 

Contact Information

Graciela Horta
Coordinator for Student Outreach