Helping shape the future

Foundation for the Future

Every day on our campus, you can find inspiration in our students, our faculty and our staff. Dedicated people are transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary places of learning, skill development, and personal growth. 

Through the generosity of our donors,  the Foundation helps shape the future and enhance the development of the students, programs, faculty, and facilities at Kishwaukee College. In fiscal year 2018, Foundation scholarships supported 409 students with a total of $338,978! 

From the newly graduated high school student to the nontraditional student to a working student who is supporting a family, these amazing people have all chosen Kish to help them better their lives. And we have chosen to help them realize their goals through financial support to them and the College.

Thanks to the generosity of businesses, associations and individuals, the Kishwaukee College Foundation is able to offer scholarships to eligible students each year.

The reasons for giving are varied, yet the result remains the same…your generous support helps to create a brighter future for our students.

The Kishwaukee College Foundation is a non profit organization established in 1971 to advance the future of the college, its students and programs.

The Foundation team works diligently to ensure Kish students have access to an affordable, quality education.

Athletics Campaign

Kish has been providing collegiate level athletic opportunities to the local community since the early 70s. Athletics are significant for our 128 student-athletes.