High School Equivalency/GED

High School Equivalency/GED

High School Equivalency (HSE) classes get you career and college ready. These free, pre-college classes help people who don’t have a high school diploma earn a high school equivalency certificate (GED®). Passing the HSE exam such as the GED can help you get a new job, promotion or even qualify for other forms of job training and post-secondary education assistance.

Due to COVID-19, registration for classes will be done by phone and assessment testing will be completed in class. View the GED/HSE Class Schedule to determine dates, times and locations for classes.  Please view the Registration and Orientation page to get a head start on your registration process.

GED Testing is also available.     GED Resources     

Support Services

Right to Succeed Program

The Right to Succeed Program at Kishwaukee College can help by assisting young adults between the ages of 16-21 obtain a high school equivalency certificate and get their lives moving forward again.  Instruction in math, science, social studies and language arts are all part of the class. For more information, contac:

Julie Lieving
Office: C1210

Family Literacy Program

This program offers on-site childcare with educational activities for children whose parents are attending Adult Basic Education, high school equivalency preparation classes or ESL classes.  Classes and funds are limited to select locations. For more information, contact:

Patti Wragg
Office: C1210

Testing Services

High School Equivalency (GED) testing is available through Testing Services at Kishwaukee College.  Create a ged.com account to register for official GED testing.


Mari Vesey
Administrative Assistant

Jaime Schrader
Director of Adult Education & Perkins Support