Adult Student Connections

Adult Student Connections/Perkins Support Services

Adult Student Connections offers support for income-eligible students pursuing career and vocational certificates and degrees. Students receive assistance in the form of counseling services and support, textbook loans, mileage reimbursements, and childcare stipends. Referral to local social service agencies for additional support and assistance is available.

Perkins Support Services offer support to both men and women who are pregnant/single parents, out-of-work individuals, students with limited English proficiency, students with documented disabilities, students that are homeless or from foster care, individuals from economically disadvantaged families or students pursuing nontraditional careers for their gender. Nontraditional careers are occupations in which less than 25% of a gender is represented. This would include, for example, women pursuing Automotive Technology or Criminal Justice or men pursuing Early Childhood Education or Nursing.

Contact: Jaime Schrader
Phone: 815-825-9408