Summer & Visiting Students

Summer & Visiting Student Registration Checklist

Kishwaukee college would like to welcome our students who are currently attending another college or university or just taking a few classes on campus. Follow the steps below to enroll.

  1. Click here to apply.
  2. Skip placement testing by submitting grade reports, schedules, unofficial transcripts, AP scores, CLEP scores, etc. The documentation must display your name, date and institution.  You can submit by fax (815-825-2306), email (, or in-person to Student Services C2100.
  3. If the prerequisite for the course you want to take at Kish is still in progress at another institution you can complete the Request for Prerequisite Evaluation Form .  All final grades must be submitted 1 week prior to the start of the class to remain enrolled in the course.
  4. You can register for classes online in your myKC account or in-person in Student Services C2100. If your registering in person please bring a photo ID. For questions about registration, please contact Student Services at 815-825-9375.
  5. Arrange to pay tuition and fees by the established tuition due dates found on the Important Dates Page.  Financial aid may be available and information can be obtained through the Financial Aid Office.  For  additional payment options, go to myKC or contact the Business Office at 815-825-9400 or in person C2140.