Transferring to Kish

Transferring Credit to Kishwaukee College

Advanced Placement AP Exams

Students at KC who have transfer credits from another institution and plan to enroll in a degree/certificate program should submit an official transcript. The official transcripts can be sent electronically (if submitting electronically send to submitted in a sealed envelope from the transfer institution to the Student Services. Official transcripts cannot be faxed or scanned.

Evaluations may take 1-4 weeks after submission of official transcripts. An email will be sent to your Kish Student email account after your evaluation has been completed.

Criteria for evaluation of transferable credits:

  • Transfer credit must be earned at a regionally accredited institution.
  • Transfer credits may be awarded for 100-200-300 level courses. A maximum of 49 credits including a maximum of 27 open elective credits will be applied toward a transfer degree. You will be required to complete at least 15 residency hours depending on the total of transfer credits applied.
  • Any elective credit(s) shown as a 1XX, 2XX or 3XX on your Kish evaluation may be re-evaluated by submitting a syllabus to the Admissions Analyst in the Student Services Office.
  • Kish accepts passing grades of “D” for transfer credit; however the course may need to be repeated for specific course prerequisites and program criteria. Please refer to the college catalog for requirements.
  • Students who transfer 30 or more credits will not be required to complete the Student Success portion of the degree requirement and will receive a waiver. However, a student may choose to enroll in any of the Student Success courses to earn more credits in the open elective area.
  • Transfer credit does not affect cumulative GPA.
  • Students who have taken the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement (AP) tests should have official copies of their AP test results sent to the Student Services Office. Credit may be awarded to students who have received scores of three or above. Advanced Placement (AP) Chart
  • The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides the student an opportunity to receive credit towards Kishwaukee College's degree and/or course requirements. Kishwaukee College awards credit based on CLEP scores College Level Examination Program (CLEP) chart. CLEP credit will NOT be awarded for any area/course in which credit had previously been earned/awarded; nor will CLEP credit be awarded for any course previously attempted and not completed. For an evaluation of potential credit through CLEP, the Student Services Office must receive an official examination report for any tests completed. For further information on CLEP registration procedures or credit policies, contact the Student Services Office.
  • Foreign transfer credits must be translated and evaluated by Education Credentials Evaluators or World Education Services. Please contact the Admissions Analyst in the Student Services Office with questions concerning foreign transcripts.
  • Military transfer credits will be evaluated by submitting official transcripts from Joint Services Transcript. Order online cost-free at . Submission of official DD-214 form will earn a maximum of (4) Physical Education activity credits for basic training.