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Accounting is the foundation of all business, industry, and non-profits: accountants gather, maintain, analyze, and communicate the financial details that are the very building blocks of business. The duties of an accountant sound simple—to prepare and analyze financial records—but require specialized training. Kishwaukee College offers a two-year Associates in Science (A.S.) degree that is transferable to four-year public universities where students can complete a bachelor’s degree in accounting and prepare to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

There are several types of accountants: public accountants, management accountants, government accountants, and internal auditors. Public accountants provide a wide variety of accounting services for businesses, non-profits, and individuals. Management accountants maintain and analyze financial records for specific companies. Government accountants perform accounting duties for government agencies and may also work for the government as auditors of the tax records of companies and individuals. Internal auditors evaluate the effectiveness of a company and check for indications of fraud or misuse of funds or accounts.

Because of the importance of accountants, the field of accounting is expected to continue growing as businesses continue to globalize. Financials are not relegated to one country and have no boundaries; the language of numbers, money and profit is universal.

Accountants are obviously talented in mathematics, but also must possess creativity and excellent communication skills. “Keeping the books” requires detailed knowledge, but evaluating the financial policies of a company and recommending more lucrative management policies requires melding that knowledge with thinking outside the box and effectively relaying information to management.

For these reasons, admission to a four-year university accountancy program requires not only the “business basics”—financial and managerial accounting, business law, business statistics, micro- and macro-economics—but also requires speech communication, composition, and psychology classes.

The Accounting Program at Kishwaukee College includes all requirements for admission to any public university in Illinois with junior standing in a business program or college. In addition, by graduating with an A.S. degree from Kishwaukee College, students will enter any public university in Illinois with their General Education requirement fulfilled. Students are encouraged to contact to the university to which they plan to apply early in their educational career for other specific transfer requirements.

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