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Marketing Management Program

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The Marketing Management program at Kishwaukee College provides a learning-centered environment with experienced instructors committed to helping you reach your potential.  Close cooperation between the college and the business community helps ensure that Kishwaukee’s business training will help you meet—and exceed—the expectations of today’s employers.  The program offers opportunities for you to: earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree or a certificate; prepare to transfer to a four-year school; or take selected courses to enhance your current knowledge base and skills.

The A.A.S. and certificate programs allow you to spend less time on general education requirements while focusing on specialized business courses.

The A.A.S. degree in Marketing Management is a two-year program designed to prepare you for entry to mid-level positions in the field. Participation in internships is encouraged.

A certificate is also available in Retailing.  The Retailing Certificate program will prepare you for careers in the retail industry with the communication, business math, and social skills you will need for an entry-level position.

The Baccalaureate Transfer program will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university majoring in business.  With this option, you will spend your first two years at Kishwaukee College earning an Associate in Science (A.S.) or Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree taking only the business courses required by the four-year school to which you plan to transfer.  You will need to see an Academic Advisor as you plan your transfer program.

Remember, you always have the option of taking one or more business courses to enhance or update your skills, gain a competitive edge, or simply broaden your horizons.

This program is part of the Marketing Career Cluster.

Occupational Information

Business professionals are limited only by their imaginations when it comes to finding—or creating—careers in today’s dynamic global marketplace.  Business professionals work in a variety of settings ranging from the autonomy of running one’s own business to the more team-centered environment of working for a multinational organization.  Students in the management and marketing fields find challenging and rewarding careers in service, retail, distribution, manufacturing and myriad other areas.