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Although most people may not realize it, we use mathematics everyday—we balance our checkbooks, calculate grams of sugar, figure out exactly how much that shirt is if it’s 30% off, measure out how much kids’ cold medicine we need to give to a child based on weight. What many students may not realize is the number of careers that require some level of math skills. Some careers and professions are clearly math-based to varying degrees: math teacher, computer science, statistician/actuarian, accounting, engineering, medicine, the sciences. But math can figure prominently in many other areas, for example: psychology and sociology. Psych and Sociology majors at universities may require finite mathematics or calculus, plus a semester or two of research methods and statistics. Because you may not know where or when or how much math may be required in the major and career you have chosen, get a good foundation in mathematics and keep all your options open!

The mathematics department at Kishwaukee College offers math classes that can meet you at your skill and comfort level. Courses ranging from Basic Arithmetic and Intermediate Algebra through Statistics, Calculus and Differential Equations are offered in small class formats with experienced, caring instructors. Plus, courses are offered in a variety of formats from one to four days per week in traditional, hybrid and online formats—to better fit your schedule. Technology is integrated in the curriculum and its use is demonstrated in the classroom.

In addition, free math tutoring is available in Testing & Tutoring Services throughout the week. In some courses, tutors attend the section of the class with students to offer outside supplemental tutor sessions that directly reflect not only what was covered in that section of a course, but how that instructor covered the material.

Students who are successful in the math program and maintain a high GPA, may be eligible for membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honors organization for two-year colleges. Students who are planning to pursue an education degree are encouraged to join the Future Teachers Organization. There are over 30 student organizations on campus that students may be interested in joining, from the Computer Club to Student Association (student government). Being active in campus organizations gives students opportunities to meet other students, explore leadership or service roles, and gain valuable experience that can make a resume or university application stand out.

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