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Modern business and industry needs to be more cost effective than ever before and that emphasis on efficiency begins with the employees who have the technology-based organizational, record-keeping, communication, and customer service skills: Office Systems Professionals.

Today’s office system professional needs to have a wide range of technology skills from creating documents to mail-merging to desktop publishing and more. Whether students are training for a first-time job or wishing to advance their skills, the Kishwaukee College Office Systems program provides extensive training in all areas of the profession. The curricula are broken into specializations within the field, but emphasize cross training.  Office Systems classes are structured around a balance of classroom and computer lab projects that mirror real office tasks. The instructors at Kishwaukee College know that the best administrative professionals have the flexibility and adaptability to meet the challenges of efficiently running any office.

Students in the Medical Billing and Coding certificate will learn the skills needed for maintaining appropriate medical office standards and systems, medical insurance processing and coding procedures.

The Office Systems program also offers a tiered-learning platform. The Application Specialist certificate teaches software application and basic office skills needed for an entry-level position. The Administrative Assistant certificate builds upon those skills, adding a second layer focused on further enhancement of interpersonal and more software application skills. The Office Systems degree is the final tier of the program, where upon completion students will have gained enhanced business communication skills, an understanding of business procedures and standard business documentation.

It is suggested that students working toward the A.A.S. degree or the Office Assisting certificate choose Beginning Keyboarding; Introduction to Business; Office Reference Manual Usage; PowerPoint Processing; and Management or Technical Report Writing their first semester.

This program is part of the Business Management & Administration Career Cluster.

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Widespread office automation and reorganization have brought a host of new opportunities—and responsibilities—to today’s office professional. These days administrative assistants are fulfilling duties once reserved for managers and other professionals. For instance, in many organizations, it is the administrative assistant who handles training and orientation of new employees and conducts research. Of course, administrative assistants also continue to fulfill more time-honored duties such as administrative activities and disseminating information. Administrative assistants schedule appointments, organize and maintain paper and electronic files, manage projects, create correspondence, and communicate effectively.

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