Proctoring Services for Distance Learning

Proctoring Services for Distance Learning

Kishwaukee College Testing Services provides proctoring* for community members who are taking online or distance learning courses at other colleges and universities. Please call Testing Services at 815-825-9841 to determine if we can assist you with this service. The proctor fee is $20 per exam and is payable at the Business Office, C2140, prior to the test appointment.

Each college/university has its own process. The following are general guidelines. The distance learning department at your school should be able to give you specific instructions related to your school's procedures.

Step 1

Many universities will ask the student and proctor to fill out a form (sometimes called a Proctor Verification Form). If your school requires a form, you can fill out your portion and then email it to Testing Services at so we can fill out our portion and then send it to your school. Some schools simply ask for the proctor information (listed below). Please list Kishwaukee College Testing Services as the proctor so that any testing staff member can proctor your exam.

Step 2

Once your school approves Kishwaukee College Testing Services as a proctor, your school will send us the exam (if paper) or the password & instructions (if online) and notify you that they have done this.

Step 3

Once we have the exam/password, you must call to schedule a time to take the exam.

We do not schedule an appointment until we have the exam and the exam instructions. All exams must be finished by closing and we build 30 minutes into your appointment time for check-in and troubleshooting issues. Therefore, if you have an hour exam, you must schedule 1 1/2 hours before closing.

Step 4

On the day of the scheduled exam, please bring a government-issued photo ID and the proctor fee. The fee can be paid by check, cash or credit card at the Business Office (C2140) prior to your appointment. A 2.5% fee is assessed for credit card usage. View the Business Office hours.

Step 5

You take your exam exactly as your instructor has directed. We return the exam to the instructor, according to the school's instructions (if paper).

*Testing Services reserves the right to deny proctoring services. In addition, we will not download software onto our computers or allow laptops or other devices to be brought into the Testing Services for testing purposes.

Contact Information

Kishwaukee College Testing Services
21193 Malta Road
Malta, IL 60150
Fax: 815-825-9754