Proficiency Evaluations

Proficiency Evaluations for Foreign Languages

Students who feel they have already obtained knowledge and skills equivalent to courses offered by Kishwaukee College may choose to take a proficiency exam.

Students who are successful in passing a proficiency evaluation receive credit for the course, and the credit hours earned count toward graduation requirements on the same basis as if the credit had been earned through traditional classroom learning.

Which foreign language proficiency exams are offered?

Spanish 101, 102, and 201; French 101 and 102; German 101 and 102

How much does it cost?

$15 per credit hour, payable at the Business Office before testing. All foreign language classes are 3 credit hours so the total cost is $45 per exam.

What is the difference between a proficiency exam and CLEP? Which one should I choose?

The proficiency exams were created by faculty based on the syllabus of the Kishwaukee College. CLEP is a nationally-recognized exam accepted by numerous institutions in the U.S. There are situations in which one is more appropriate than the other. Which examination you choose depends on your academic goals and your experience. Please consult with an academic advisor before pursuing either option. A flyer comparing and contrasting each can be found here.

I have decided I want to take a proficiency exam. What do I do?

Step 1: Initiate process with Student Services (C2100).

Step 2:  Pay the required fee to the Business Office (C2140).

Step 3:  Take exam in Testing Services (C1203). To schedule an appointment call 815-825-9841. A photo ID is required for testing.

Step 4: Results will be emailed to your Kishwaukee College email by Student Services.

How can I study?

The course descriptions are listed in the Academic Catalog.

The Spanish courses also have a website with a syllabus listed.
Study materials for the Spanish exam can be found at the following links:
Spanish 101
Are there proficiency evaluations in other subjects besides foreign language?


MAT 075 Geometry (available for some international students who need to prove geometry competency). The process for this exam is exactly the same as for the foreign language exams.

Several proficiency evaluations are available in Career Technology division. Please contact the CT Division for a list and the process (815-825-9303).