Health, Wellness & Safety

A healthy, safe and secure learning environment

Health, Wellness & Safety

Various programs and methods exist for informing students and staff about campus security procedures, being responsible for one's own  security and the security of others, and crime prevention strategies. Students have access to the Annual Security Report and crime statistics to  assist them in crime prevention and reporting. Campus security alerts via text and emails to students and staff are used to apprise the campus of security risks to their person or property. Crime Stopper signs have been posted around campus to call if anyone witnesses a crime. Emergency phones have been located in all campus wings. Lighting remains on during evening hours and custodial/maintenance employees wear uniforms to identify themselves. After 6 pm in the evening, a police officer or custodian is available to escort students or staff to their cars by contacting 815-895-2155 or if you are on campus, dial extension 9529 or Cadet Corps extension 9431.

Various programs/methods exist for informing students & staff about campus security procedures; such as responsibility for one's own security crime prevention strategies.

Kishwaukee College strives to provide equal and equitable provision of all programs, services and activities for individuals with disabilities.

The Counseling & Student Development Center is here to help you succeed in fulfilling your academic goals.

Members of the Kishwaukee College community have the right to be free from gender-based or sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking.

We encourage your commitment to a healthier lifestyle and look forward to assisting you with your fitness needs.