Mass Notification System

Kishwaukee College Mass Notification System

Kishwaukee College uses RAVE Mobile Safety to communicate college emergencies and notifications via text message and e-mail to currently enrolled students and staff.  

Rave alerts are operated through Kishwaukee College. You are automatically opted in to this service by providing your cell phone number in your student or employee profile. All Kishwaukee College e-mail addresses are automatically enrolled into the program.

How do I make sure my information is up to date?

Please see this job aid for instructions.

Can I add a parent or secondary phone number?

Follow the steps in this job aid to add a secondary number.

How do I opt-out or opt back in?

Reply with "STOP" to one of the recent mass text messages you receive.

Or text the word "STOP" to one of the Rave shortcodes: 226787, 67283, 78015, and 81437. 

Texting "STOP" to any of these shortcodes (or in response to an alert message that was received) will cancel future Alert messages from all four shortcodes.

Vice versa, texting the word "START" to any of these shortcodes will resume/reinstate the Alert messages from all four.

Is there a charge?

There is no charge from Kishwaukee College. Check with your wireless provider for any additional text message fees that may apply.

What number will be reflected on my caller ID when an alert is sent?

Message will show as sent from a 5 or 6-digit short code. The text message will begin with Kishwaukee College Alert.

Screenshot of text message alert

What other communication systems are used at Kishwaukee College?

Kishwaukee College makes use of the following modes of communication:


To unsubscribe from the previous text alert system, TextCaster:

You may change or unsubscribe through the text alert signup on the Daily Chronicle website at anytime. Scroll to the bottom and select “Update message Preferences/Unsubscribe.”

As the delivery of messages are dependent on a variety of factors, Kishwaukee College cannot and will not guarantee the delivery or the timing of any delivery of any message. Any participation in this program represents acknowledgment and agreement that Kishwaukee College shall not be liable for the failure of the delivery of any part of any message, or for any delay in the receipt of any message for any reason. The user holds harmless Kishwaukee College.